Sunday, May 22, 2011

Almost 3 weeks post surgery - a picture blog

It's been 18 days since I had brain surgery. It's so hard to believe. I really thought I'd be in pain and out for the count for at least a month. I was wrong. Thankfully. Last week was the hardest week - my headaches and incision site were bad and painful. I couldn't sleep. But it seems like it's just gone away. I'm sleeping well now - a little too well. All good things. My taste buds came back in the middle of the night three nights ago. I woke up at 3:30 with a funny taste in my mouth - a savory taste. It was really weird. The next day I ate something savory and it was so good.

So things are going very well. I am going to start working part time at home starting tomorrow, and with the doctor's blessing (he hasn't agreed yet, but he will, hopefully) I will be going back full time on June 6.

Brain surgery is a serious thing. Sure, I had only a benign tumor, and sure there are people much worse off. But brain surgery in and of itself is very serious. 95% of my friends have been abnormally supportive. You know that already because I have been writing about it a lot. But what has me baffled more than anything are the friends who haven't been around. I won't get into details, but there is one in particular who has hurt my feelings beyond repair. The one person I needed and wanted the most to support me isn't around - he has seemingly purged me from his life. I don't get it. Then again, I don't get a lot of things. I guess I just deal with it and move on. Other than that there are a few friends whom I thought would be around, but they aren't. No biggie I guess - I just have to remember all the friends and loved ones who ARE around. And when I think about that, it makes me happy.

I've been treated very well and spoiled beyond belief. I never want it to end. But it surely will.

My little boy went on an overnight camping trip yesterday and just got home. I missed him so much - even though he was gone just over 24 hours. I'm so overprotective, and this was a test. I think I passed. He went with his good friend Maddox and Maddox's dad, Bart. I didn't bug Bart too much and Harry came back alive. I'm trying to chill lately on the overprotective bit.

Maddox and Harrison

Yesterday was my first day/night off without Harry since my surgery. So I decided to overdo it. And I spent all day/night out doing things.

First we went to the Blue Dome Arts Festival. We saw Sammi and her booth – she makes and sells upcycled (I think that's the term) jewelry using vintage stuff. It's really great. You should buy stuff from her. She also sells recycled, upcycled gift tags, cards, etc. She is so creative.

We walked around and saw lots of other vendors/artists. We met up with Alana and had a little snack - a pulled pork taco with chimichuri sauce. It was splendid and that's when I knew my tastebuds were back.

We had a beer in Arnie's beer garden. Well, I had a Shandy (half beer, half lemonade) because I was being super cautious. My balance is really good (better than it's been in years), but I wanted to be cautious - I'd hate to fall on my first full day out.

Then we walked to Fat Guys for proper lunch. It was quite a hike, but it was a good thing. We met up with Zach and Dylan.


We all had lunch. It was busy. Emily and I shared a burger – because neither of us can finish a whole one by ourselves.

Then we all piled into the back of Zachary's car — well, they piled in the back, I called shotgun. Of course.

And we went to the old abandoned Big Ten Ballroom in north Tulsa where our friend Lee Chapman did an art display on Thursday. It's the 40th anniversary of Larry Clark's photobook, TULSA. Huge posters of the artwork were cleverly and artistically displayed on the open air walls of the very cool venue. Broken glass, nails and chipped paint abound. Very good work. Once we got there the show was very clearly over and the winds and rain had destroyed most of Lee's work. However, it was eerie and very cool. Standing water in the middle of the roofless building reminded me of a huge bath. The building's vintage tile (although torn and destroyed) was so cool.

Alana looking artsy.

Emily looking artsy.

Then I went home to take a nap. It was a really good nap.

After napping we all had dinner together. Dylan made one of my favorite meals – homemade chicken and dumplings. And spinach salad with his homegrown spinach and radishes. Mmmmmm. It was all so good.

Next we headed to the Cellar Dweller where I hadn't been since the benefit three weeks ago. I wore high heels and never once felt unbalanced or dizzy — not even walking down the steep staircase leading down the the bar.

My friend Jamie showed up with a dish of still warm brownies for me. Seriously, my friends spoil me rotten.

We sat at the big table with a group of friends — Robert was there, Leib, Jamie, Dylan, Emily, Alana and so many more. Wes and Zach were tending bar.

Zach is the biggest spoiler of me. He greeted me with a pineapple whip drink made with Pinnacle's Whipped vodka. Next up was an adult Orange Julius. Oh my!

And then a frozen mojito — my favorite!

It was so good. I was slightly buzzed. Then we went home.

I had a great day, night and excellent night's sleep.

This morning I've just been putzing about and now we are going to lunch — Cancun. Chili Verde Burrito. mmmmmmmmmm

Tonight I'm having dinner with Emily and her mom.

Tomorrow I start working part time from home. I look forward to it. I'll also be going to the gym to get my couch to 5K on.

My next blog (possibly later today/tonight) will be all about the surgery experience. Many of you have asked, and because I started this whole blog in order to inform people who have Acoustic Neuromas and who want to know everything there is to know and want to read a positive spin on the whole thing, it's my duty to write about the surgery experience.


  1. Thanks for the update, yo. And for the pics. ('cause you did it just for me, right?) I'm thankful that you are surrounded by friends, and I'm betting they're thankful to have you too. Because you give them occasion to eat brownies and drink mojitos.

  2. Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. You sound great! And, may I just say that I am envious beyond words that you managed to wear heels? You go, girl!

  3. I am so glad you're doing so well! You know that I would have been there for you if I could have actually been there. But I have been thinking of you often.